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How to smoke as discreetly as possible.

An experienced stoners tips on how to smoke as discreetly as possible. Let's teach you how not to get caught.

The Obvious Choice is a Dab Pen

Dab pens smell minimally and are small and easy to carry around. They get you pretty baked (depending on your cart) but not as baked as weed, dabs, or edibles. The issue with dab pens is that they are arguably the least healthy way to smoke. There is no way to filter it so often I wake up the next morning with a painful throat that feels “waxy”. Do I still have a dab pen? Yes, for traveling it is a necessity. It is easy to fly with and still gets the job done.

Recommendations: I would use dab pens as little as possible, and when you use them try to keep them facing up so that the wax doesn't leak. There is nothing worse then when a cart gets clogged. Also, if you can stay away from black market carts, I would. I smoked a lot of fake carts in the past, so I wouldn't recommend it.

Take an Actual Dab

Take an actual dab, using a rig, vape, or nectar collector. You’ll need a torch (unless you have an enail which can only be used on rigs) which can be loud but if you are smoking outside you will have no problems. It is also great for inside because it doesn't reek the same way weed reeks and if you have an enail it is quiet. This method can be healthier than ripping dab pen because most of these methods filter the wax. Also, wax concentrates are more consistent than the dab carts you get (so less health concerns).

Recommendation: I have a rig and enail and love it. I smoke it in the apartment often and it does not reek anything up and have never had a complaint. It feels healthier than a lot of other methods of smoking to me. Out of cannabis products, I find myself to be most focused and alert for 30 minutes after a dab and then kind of brain dead after haha.


The Classic Bowl

The classic bowl and some weed. Make sure to put your weed in a mason jar if you have to be discreet about smoking and even put a bag around it. We all know weed can smell through anything. As long as you are smoking bowls outside, you should be fine as long as you are in a low-risk area.

Recommendations: I smoked a bowl all of high school. I did get caught a few times, but it is what it is if you are trying to smoke weed. Smoking a bowl is a little worse for you than taking bong rips because it does not filter it the same way as a bong. It sure will get you high though.

Thanks for listening and keep getting high!



If you choose to smoke and use our information, please understand this is all opinionated research and is not medical advice. So please use at your own risk.


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