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Rappers That Actually Employ Professional Blunt Rollers

What is the best job for a dexterous hip hop loving cannabis enthusiast?

Being a personal blunt roller to a rapper. And let’s debunk the rumors from back in the day, we’re not

talking about Memphis Bleek to Jay Z or Spliff Starr to Busta Rhymes. Those guys were artists, rappers, and performers in their own right, as well as serving as consummate hype men when those legends tour. This is about a professional blunt roller on payroll to make sure there’s a perfectly rolled blunt nearby at all times for whenever the mood strikes.

The most recent and famous example is the doggfather himself Snoop Dogg. The west coast “Gin and Juice” superstar drops between 40 and 50k a year for these services from Ranagade Perrana who has also been hired by the likes of one-named icons Rihanna and Madonna. And when she’s not rolling for her A-list clients she’s starting her own businesses as well as marketing for brands.

But Martha Stewart’s partner in the culinary arts is not the only one outsourcing this position in their entourage to a professional:

Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart

Chicago’s own G Herbo, known for his drill sound and mental health advocacy whose biggest song to date is the aptly named “Who Want Smoke?” has gone on record that he has $100 a day for whoever wants to roll his blunts. Unknown if he’s still accepting applicants.

Wake Flocka Flame, from Atlanta who rose to prominence with hits like “O Let’s Do it” “Hard in Da Paint” and “No Hands” found a capable set of hands after putting out an open call with the hashtag #ICanRoll and received over 60,000 resumes including the one and only Seth Rogen.

Wake Flocka Social Media #icanroll Challenge

Kid Cudi, the self proclaimed Lonely Stoner has sought out company and now wants to delegate the blunt rolling duties. The busy multi-hyphenate still has time for his favorite pastime, just not the preparation.

What do you think? Do you have what it takes to compete? Is this the job for you? Or do you aspire to one day employ a professional blunt roller of your own?

Thanks for listening and as always stay high!


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